"Thanks so much for sending these, they look absolutely amazing! We cannot wait to see the rest.

I have also been meaning to thank both you and Sara for everything you did last Friday. It was an absolute pleasure to have you there and you made our day that much more enjoyable.

Both you and Sara were so professional and really helped with our nerves on the day."

Tia & Eoin


"Thanks so much for these! Just back in work today after a totally lovely honeymoon, so was all v depressing until your email turned up. They are great photos, you worked so hard - thank you so much again. Mum and Dad have declared them ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC. I love the table shots - much more personal than a big group one, so thanks again for that suggestion. Some fantastic candid ones too, you really caught the mood of the day for us."

Maria & Ciaran

"CAROLINE!!!!!!! The photographs are AMAZING!!!!! We just went through them and almost everyone we were like...."Ohhh thats soooo nice"...."Ohhh i really love that one" Best photographer ever. Thank you sooo much, we can't wait to get back to Melbourne to go through them and make an album. Give you a shout when we're back down that way :D xxxx "

Denise & Mark


"Wow they are amazing Caroline!! We love them.

Exactly what we wanted. Thanks you so much."

Alma & Marie-Therese